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Financial Data

This is the most important part of your business plan. If your figures do not add up, then you do not have a viable business to start or expand.

We need to know our profitability, productivity and gather more information for us to make informed decisions.

Money makes the world go round and will also make your business stay profitable. Knowing your historic and future numbers will help you vastly with this.

The suggestion is you do the financial analysis and data section first. Here we include a Basic Spreadsheet Calculations PowerPoint presentation to help you complete some of the documents required.

Then move through the other sections next. Leaving the Executive Summary to last.

Basic Calculations Spreadsheet

A PowerPoint presentation teaching you the basics of using Microsoft 365 – Excel.

Keeping Essential Records

  1. Keeping the books.
  2. Recording financial information.
  3. Choosing the right Accounting program.
  4. Outsourcing bookkeeping.

Forecasting Cash Flow

Preparing a cash flow forecast. What to include in your forecast?

Profit & Loss Account

Preparing a profit & loss account. What to include in your P&L Account?

Breakeven Analysis

Preparing a breakeven point. What to include in your Breakeven analysis?

Personal Survival Budget

How much do you need to make so that you can personally survive?