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Mission Statement

GEMS Enterprising Ltd is a Management Consulting organisation providing a one-stop shop for management support to individuals and businesses. We do this, by assessing your strategies, goals and targets to better understand your requirements.

Hiring a Management Consultant can be advantageous if you need support where you may not have any expertise.

Receiving help from a management consultant who is experienced can make all the difference.

Starting or expanding a business can be very daunting. Who do you get expert advice from?

A Business is in a good position to offer an independent professional viewpoint.

GEMS will give an overall analysis and expert evaluation of your business, and offer a fresh perspective. GEMS has ideas for coping with growth, and training for managers and staff.

You can raise a support ticket for any of the consultations offered, just use the Contact form!

Discussing contract in meeting room

Business Planning

  • company administration: advising the board of directors on matters of their corporate governance, corporate and legal responsibilities;
  • confidentiality agreement;
  • due diligence;
  • executive summary;
  • financial data;
  • management;
  • markets;
  • mission statement;
  • non-disclosure agreement (NDA);
  • operations;
  • risk assessment;
  • strategic analysis.

Financial Management

Keeping track of Finances using Xero or QuickBooks accounting software:

  • break-even analysis;
  • budgets;
  • cash flow forecast;
  • customer ledger;
  • financial transaction (cash or credit);
  • general ledger;
  • payments;
  • petty cash book;
  • profit & loss;
  • purchases;
  • receipts;
  • sales;
  • suppliers ledger.
Financial papers on the table
Human Resources image

Human Resources

  • personnel administration;
  • personnel records;
  • regulations & procedures;
  • job evaluation;
  • remuneration;
  • discipline;
  • terminiation of employment.

Information Technology

  • computer optimisation;
  • computer virus;
  • device driver issues;
  • hardware components;
  • software;
  • spyware removal;
  • training;
  • web-related issues;
  • windows security updates.
Information Technology image

Marketing & Distribution

  • marketing strategy;
  • distribution channels;
  • sales;
  • advertising;
  • product development;
  • market research;
  • e-commerce;
  • e-business;
  • web development & design.

You can raise a support ticket for any of the consultations offered, just use the Contact form!