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We delight in serving global private, public, & social organisations.

To help you build a business for the future, using our experience, knowledge and skills to help our clients face new situations.


The most important aspect of starting a business, is to prepare or update your business plan. There is a known saying “if you fail to you plan, you plan to fail”. Quote: Benjamin Franklin 1790.

Your business plan should be a live document. Ability to guide you through each stage of preparing or updating your business plan so that it attracts attention, is one of our specialties.  We can write your plan for you!

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So, you have a good idea for a business, or you want to expand an existing business.

The preparation process is the most crucial part. If sections were overlooked, then those critical pieces of information may cause issues further down the line.

To start the preparation process, you will need:

  1. To be in good health: Running or expanding a business requires devotion, energy and can be exhausting.
  2. Skills and knowledge:  You or your team should have the qualifications required for the business. If you do not, you will need to find expertise to bridge the gap(s).
  3. This is where GEMS Enterprising Ltd can help.