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Financial Management

Finance: Accounting | Budgets | Plans

Financial Management

A certified expert in QuickBooks and Xero accounting software.

Human Resources

Administration: Records | Regulations & Procedures | Job Evaluation | Remuneration

Human Resources

Employment Issues: Recruitment | Selection | Induction | Promotion | Discipline | Termination | Grievance

Information Technology

Communication: Email | Intranet | Internet | EPOS | CRM

Information Technology

A certified Microsoft Office Specialist with expertise in Microsoft Outlook.

Marketing & Distribution

Strategy: Website Development | Sales | Advertising | Product Development | Market Research

Marketing & Distribution

Activities | Implementation

Home - Management Consultations

Home – Management Consultations, is a broad subject. It covers all the above subjects and more!

Management Consulting

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I adhere to the Institute of Consulting’s Code of Conduct, as I am a Fellow member of that organisation.

GEMS uses the power of technology to build a business for the future and use my experiences to help clients to face new situations.

As a management consultant, I’m in a position to make an unbiased assessment of any business situation, tell the truth and make recommendations frankly and objectively.

Helping in areas where clients lack business and technical expertise, or where an additional professional workforce is temporarily required.

This can be conducted in the following areas:

Business Planning

The most important aspect of starting a business is to prepare or update your business plan.

There is a known saying “people do not plan to fail, they fail to plan”.

Your business plan should be a live document.

Ability to guide you through each stage of preparing or updating your business plan so that it attracts attention.